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Who We Are?

Apeiron and its collections come from the interest in beauty and in artcrafts that follows the historical and cultural traditions of made in Italy. Alessandro Trambaioli, the founder, is the person who knew how to translate the dream into a solid reality starting from his love for the manufacture of high quality.

The guiding principle that drove the original insight to turn an accessory in a masterpiece through creativity was the knowledge of the Italian masters who have been able to accumulate skills as time passed.
Apeiron, thanks to its product lines, creates an elegant and refined style, able to dress up with originality a Man and a Woman from modern taste and sensibility who are always looking for a trendy innovation.

Our items, through the quality selection of precious materials as glass, crystal and metal processed as top-level procedures, become beautiful jewels addressed to demanding and curious customers.
Our company wants finally to be representative of the Italian creativity and innovation.

Our Mission


Our ambition is to connect innovation to beauty and design made in Italy. We realize wearable works of art made of crystal and metals using our traditional experience.


To obtain the crystal must fuse together many substances: first of all the basic ingredient, silica sand, than the lead and the glaze.Then must add to the mixture the fluxes that help vitrifying at lower temperatures (such as sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate),the stabilizers which prevent the finished glass from melt or shatter (as zinc oxide and red lead oxide), the grain refining which homogenize the mass avoiding the formation of bubbles in the mixture (such as antimony), the dyes as iron, sulfur, copper, tin and also whiteners such as manganese dioxide, which serves to compensate for the color greenish or brownish due to impurities.



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